Private 13+ Tuition

13+ Tuition

The Common Entrance 13+ is sat by students in year 8, for admissions to schools in year 9. The Common Entrance is set by the Independent Schools Examination Board (ISEB) and covers 11 different subjects. The core subjects (English, Maths and Science) are compulsory. Beyond the core subjects, students can choose from French, Geography, German, Classical Greek, History, Latin, Religious Studies and Spanish.

We have a team of tutors who provide 13+ tuition, which can cover the different subjects required by each student, tailoring the tuition to the needs of each individual. Our tutors have  have extensive experience in the different areas of the 13+, supporting student who are applying to the most competitive schools, understanding each school's different requirements.

Our tutors have helped students gain entry to the following schools:

Westminster School

St Paul's School

Cheltenham Ladies' College

Wycombe Abbey

Eton College

Magdalen College School

Sevenoaks School

Dulwich College

We offer a fully flexible and transparent 13+ tuition package, charged per hour of tuition.

We start with an initial consultation with parents to determine the requirements of the applicant.

We then match the student with one of our tutors, each of whom has been selected to join our team after being interviewed and trained by us.

Flexible Online & In-Person Tuition

The majority of our students choose to carry out their lessons online for extra flexibility and so that their location isn’t a limitation, however we can provide in-person tutors upon request.  

Through the use of dedicated tutoring platforms and virtual whiteboards, the standard of tuition provided online can even excel in-person tuition. Sessions can be recorded for future reference, and a complete record of all the work taken place can been preserved. 

our 13+ tutors

Our tutors all have extensive  experience preparing students for the 13+.

They have helped students gain entry and scholarships to the most competitive schools in the UK.

They have a background in teaching and private tuition.

They go through a rigorous selection process and are trained to join our team.



科目: 物理化学

教育背景: 牛津大学化学硕士、博士

简介: Rob 将于今年获得牛津大学无机化学(inorganic chemistry)博士学位,并将于毕业之后进军教育行业。Rob对于留学申请科研项目指导有着非常大的热情,并实时向学生反馈博士期间自己研究领域的最新进展。

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